The title of this page is not the correct title, it has been changed because wikia can not have a title with []'s in it, the correct name should be '[FNAS] MY DESIGNS

[FNAS] MY DESIGNS is a project showing off CucumberHorse's designs for a project called Five Night's At Scratchy's 2, a remake of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 in scratch replacing all of the characters with scratch mascots. The project includes Shadow Tera (Based off of Shadow Bonnie), Toy Scratchy (Based off of Toy Freddy), Withered Scratchy (Based off of Freddy), Golden Scratchy (Based off of Golden Freddy) and Shadow Scratchy (You get the point).



  • When going through the images one of the images you can see is three spikes, a user by the name of defenderebel joked saying that 'its the frontal lobe of Pico XD' the creators of Five Night's At Scratchy's 2 said that Pico (one of scratch's mascots) will be foxy.